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Rahama Sadau Denies Being Offered Money And Movie Role To Dump Her Faith


The ex-kannywood actress has debunked rumours about of her being offered millions of dollars and a movie role in exchange of her faith. She has expressed disappointment concerning this, saying the allegation was baseless, and her faith will never be a bargaining tool for her proffession.

Her Press Release:

“Shortly after my sudden expulsion from acting in films in Kannywood, video a letter published in October 2016, an audio recording began making the rounds, especially on Whatsapp, on a supposed proposal that I had been tempted to change my religion in exchange for millions of Dollars and a role in a Hollywood movie. Words of harsh condemnation have accompanied this false statement.

Sadly,without clarification, respected elders and clerics resorted to writing about it on social media;condemning me, some advising me not to be swayed by this so called temptation.I am deeply saddened by this accusation, and the fact that it generated comments from society fathers and religious elders without verification. This has offended my family and friends, hence why I have been left with no choice, but to address this issue publicly.I hereby categorically state that the contents of the recording about me are baseless and untrue. It is merely a very poor attempt at defamation of character.

My work anywhere in the world remains strictly professional and the issue of my faith has never and will never be a bargaining tool, nor is it a clause in any terms and conditions in my engagements. Sadly Akon, who is of Senegalese origin, a Muslim and philanthropist to his country has also been dragged into this and been tagged an “infidel”by the media reports of some Islamic leaders.

Although the first audio is available, the engineer of this false statement did not state his name,attempts are still being made to identify the creator. In the interim, I urge those circulating the said malicious statement to please stop, and my well-wishers and relatives continue to offer their support and belief in my stand. Wherever my profession may lead me, I will be recognized and accepted first as an African, a Nigerian and I proudly respect my heritage, which is taking me places.”

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