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The police force and the masses

As we discuss the importance of the police force, it is equally imperative to take a look at the proliferation of armed ‘security’ men on our roads and highways. Some of the questions to which I have been seeking answers in the past few weeks are: do we really need ...

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The search for Peter Obi

Peter ObiOne of the problems confronting Nigerian first generation of leaders was where to find suitable persons to occupy posts hitherto occupied by British citizens. This was the situation in both the public and private sectors. In many companies, especially those that originated from England and other European countries, it ...

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NMA’s five-year plan for health sector

Nigeria Medical Association’s recently unveiled five-year plan for the health sector is a soothing breath of fresh air. Nigeria’s health-care delivery sector, sadly, has one unmistakable signature: decay. Indeed, the nation’s health-care system is an embarrassment of monumental proportions in spite of the billions of naira expended on some tertiary ...

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Whitemen, blackmen, blackwomen

Nigerians generally like White men. They see White men as rich, coming from an orderly civilised society who are here to help Nigeria. The smile of welcome starts from the airport, “welcome oga, weting you bring for me?” The Nigerian expects the White man to dole out money any and ...

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Strategies for Vision 30:30:30

Electricity Sir: The Nigerian government has developed the National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy with the accompanying Vision 30:30:30 which aims at achieving 30,000MW of electricity by the year 2030 with renewable energy contributing 30 per cent of the energy mix. It is a very welcome target that will ...

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A test of character and accountability

From out of the blue, I got a call from a proprietress, asking that I be a guest-speaker at a retreat for teenagers. She told me, that she got my number from my past Youth Speak Column, in The Guardian. Even though she praised me for writing well, I countered ...

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