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NCC mandated data price increases….

By Richard Obire

On the matter of the NCC mandated data price increases…

Me: I don’t like it… but I am still thinking.

Here is my first shot: what if bad government policies and poor governance as we are experiencing now continue and the small and new operators remain challenged, so we should brace up for a series of new price floors for data services to be set by the NCC?

Instead of this regulator mandated data price increase, why not give special incentives including tax breaks to the “small and new operators” so they can expand their services and reduce the unit cost of providing them?

What about removing all the business cost expanding government erected barriers and bottle necks which service providers’ operations face on the ground as they set up their service infrastructure?

I doubt if this is really about helping the small and new operators; a red herring is smelt.

It is more likely to be about increasing government revenues from VAT on telecoms services and corporate tax on profits of operators. And I don’t really mind this if we have an honest government competently working for the public good. Do we have such a government now? Probably not.

Where is the substantial reduction we have been asking for in the cost of governance since 2012 when the Occupy Nigeria Movement debuted?
Let’s hear your thoughts.

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